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December 18, 2014



Split Jerk

Spend some time working on your Split Jerk.  Start light and move up to a moderate weight that allows you to practice your technique.  Work on smooth dip and powerful drive upwards while keeping your torso perpendicular to the floor.  Keep your chest up and push your head back before you push yourself under the bar.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

30 Double Unders
25 Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
200M Run

Workout notes: This workout is a repeat!  This is a great opportunity to work on two difficult conditioning movements.  Experienced CrossFitters should work on performing unbroken sets of wall balls and double unders.  You will recover a bit on the run but be sure to push the pace and pick up the rope as soon as you come in from the run.  If you don’t have double unders yet use this opportunity to commit to the movement.  You’ll spend a lot of time on the DU’s, and it may be frustrating but you will be rewarded with a great workout.

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