December 28, 2017


10 Rounds of 30 Seconds work 90 seconds rest

Air assault bike for calories

For our skill work today we have 20 minutes of interval work on the assault bike.  Every 2 minutes you will bike for 30 seconds. Spend the rest of the 2 minute interval resting while your partner works through their 30 seconds.  This is a good opportunity to get familiar with the air-bike and test your capacity.  We have a 1:3 work rest ratio so that gives you the opportunity to go at a strong effort for your 30 second work period. That doesn’t mean you should go all out early on! Use those first 2-3 rounds as warm up and try to increase your intensity across all 10 rounds.



Double Unders

Workout notes: Annie is a classic benchmark workout from  The workout is simple and meant to be fast! If you do not yet have good consistency with double unders set a rep scheme for yourself that will be manageable under fatigue.  25-20-15-10-5 would be a great option if you are still working on this difficult skill or you could even choose to do 10 double unders every round without changing the sit-up rep scheme. If you are not sure of your double under capability you can choose to perform twice as many single unders with a double under attempt every 10 jumps. If you are worried about this volume of sit-ups you can skip the first set of 50 and start with 40 instead. If you choose this scaling option your workout will end after your set of 10 double unders.

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