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February 11, 2018


In teams of 3

AMRAP in 25 minutes of

10/7 calories each on the air assault bike

Workout notes

Today’s workout is another interval style workout.  We’ll be using the Air Assault bikes as our only implement today.  Take turns biking 10 calories for men and 7 calories for women.  When all three partners have completed their set you have completed 1 round. Don’t worry about resetting the bike after each round but do complete 10 or 7 calories on each effort if the monitor “coasts” a little while you get on.  Practice quick transitions and keep that bike fan moving! Your score will be the total number of rounds completed across 25 minutes plus any additional calories in your last effort on the bike.  Alternatively you could perform this in teams 4 which will give you a little more rest between efforts but that won’t necessarily make it any easier! With more rest and recovery you will be able to bike a little harder than you would with shorter rest.



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