February 26, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Squat Snatch with Pause

Today we work on the squat snatch.  The movement is very difficult and requires a great deal of mobility. Warm up to a weight that is in the 60-70% range and work with that weight for for all ten repetitions.  Test the movement at a low weight to make sure you are using a weight that you can land into a deep squat with your feet flat and your chest up.  Adding the pause will increase the difficulty of the lift so be conservative! If the squat snatch isn’t happening today due to mobility issues work on a power movement but in addition work on some very light overhead squats with a PVC or empty barbell so you can get the feel for the movement.


5 Rounds for time
20 Kettlebell Hang Snatch 24/16 kg
50 Double Under
200M Run

Workout notes: Take some time to review the kettlebell snatch.  Usually the best method is to attempt rotating the kettlebell around your arm rather than just flipping it over your wrist. A good way to practice is to start with the kettlebell overhead and practice “unwinding” from the top to learn the motion.  This is NOT at AMRAP so there is no clock to save you if you are new to double unders! Scale the volume in each round to a number of repetitions you can complete in about a minute.

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