January 27, 2015


Strict Press 8-5-5-3-3-3-3

Work up to a strong effort 3 rep overhead press.  For this movement you should maintain extension of the knee and kip as you press the bar overhead.  Most likely the weight you work up to will be much lower than what you would be able to lift with the help of a push press or a push jerk.  Start light and increase in very small increments as this movement falls off fast.

For time
Burpee Over the Bar
Deadlift 225/155lbs

Workout notes: The burpee will be most difficult when performed with a jump over the bar. You can scale the movement to stepping over if you are not sure that you can safely make the jump.  Use a deadlift weight that is ideally in the 60% range of your 1RM.  You should be able to make it through each round with a few sets.

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