January 28, 2018


In teams of 2, using a running clock.

at 0:00

Run 1000M with a medball 20/14 lb

at 7:00

10/7 Calorie air assault alternating with your partner

at 14:00


15/10 Calorie row alternating with your partner

at 21:00

Run 1000M with medball

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a long time domain workout with several monostructural pieces.  This workout can be performed in groups of 2-3.  If you decide to pair up with a partner keep in mind you will have a little less rest between bouts on the medball run, bike and row so that version could potentially have a slightly higher level of difficulty.   We’ll all start out with a medball run trading off with your partner(s) as you see fit.  When you get back to the gym spend your remaining time recovering and then start on either the row or the bike at the 7 minute mark.  For these two elements we’re looking for essentially some high intensity interval efforts trading off with your partner(s).  After you complete your bike or row head out on another 1000M run with your medball in tow.   Your score will be the total rounds you complete on the bike and row as well as the two times for your 1000M runs.  Have fun and enjoy some California sun!




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