January 9, 2015


Using the Tabata clock complete 4 Cycles of the following work rotating through each movement in order.

:20 second Superman Hold
:20 second Active Squat Hold
:20 second Hollow Body Hold
:20 second Rest

You will be holding each position four times for a total of sixteen :20 second intervals. Work at each station just as you would a workout like “Fight Gone Bad”.  Go for max effort with each movement and then move on to the next.


For Time

*21-15-9 of
Front Squat 95/65lbs
Push Press 95/65lbs

*50 Double Unders BEFORE every round.

Workout notes:  The workout starts with 50 double unders and you’ll repeat another set of 50 before the round of 15 and then 9. Focus on your squatting mechanics during those front squats! Keep the knees over the feet and the chest up. If your elbows are dropping then your chest probably is too!

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