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July 10, 2017


Strict Weighted Pull-Up or Strict Bodyweight Pull-Up

Today you can choose between weighted pull-ups or strict pull-ups. If you are able to add weight to your strict pull-up work choose one weight and carry it across for all 8 sets.  If you do not have strict pull-ups yet perform 8 sets for max reps of supine ring rows, banded strict pull-ups or a combination of both.  If you have been working on ring rows for awhile try changing your body angle or raising your feet to a box to make them more difficult.


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Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35 lb
Goblet Squat

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a short duration couplet using a dumbbell for both movements.  We have a total of four rounds starting with high repetitions. In each round we drop by 10 reps on each movement for a total of 200 reps. Remember that the round of 40 has almost half of volume for the entire workout so pace yourself early and try to maintain a steady pace for rounds 2-4.  If you are familiar with the dumbbell snatch use this opportunity to practice transferring the dumbbell in the air and complete your reps as “touch and go”.  When it comes to the goblet squat we are looking for perfect positioning! Hold the dumbbell vertically and keep your torso upright throughout the entire range of motion.  If you are new to this level of volume or CrossFit in general consider cutting out the round of 40.

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