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July 18, 2014


E2MOM for 14 Minutes

1 Squat Snatch

Perform 1 Squat Snatch every 2 minutes for a total of 7 rounds. The weight you choose should be moderately challenging but consider this as primarily skill work. An appropriate weight would be in the 60-70% range for newer lifters and near 80% for those that are more experienced.  If you are still working on learning the basics or working on your mobility keep the load light and catch the bar in a power snatch with a partial squat but try to ride the bar down as deep as you can while under control.


For time


Double Dumbbell Clean & Jerk 45/30lbs

Workout notes: The most efficient option for the clean and jerk will be a power clean and push jerk.   A muscle clean and press out will be quicker but it probably won’t last! Avoid hitting failure early on by dropping under the dumbbells as you catch both movements.

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