July 21, 2017


5×1 Rope Climb

It’s everyone’s favorite day! Spend today’s skill practice working on learning to climb the rope! Pack your long socks or knee sleeves today to protect your ankles and shins!  A good way to establish that you have the baseline strength to attempt a climb is by performing a bodyweight hang test with your legs off of the rope while you are just above the ground.  If you are not quite ready perform rope pull-ups and practice jumping to the rope and locking in your feet. There are several methods to wrap the feet and make the climb easier so work with your coach to find which works best for you.  For those of you that are comfortable with rope climbs use the time to work on efficiency by utilizing the legs as much as possible and ascending the rope using a minimum number of pulls.  If you are ready for it you can choose to do 5 sets of 2 performing each double as quickly as possible rather than just one at a time or practice a few legless or short rope climbs if you are ready.


5 rounds for max reps
1 minute Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65lb
1 minute Push Press 95/65lb
1 minute Rest

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is interval based. You will be working at 2 different stations for 1 minute each.  You will then have 1 minute to recover before your next round.  Because you are only working for 2 minutes at a time the goal should be to find a pace that is much faster than you might choose for a longer workout.  Treat each 2 minute period like a sprint and then do your best to recover during your rest period.  The weight is meant to be light today for both movements so that you can continually perform sets throughout the workout.  Scale the weight as needed.

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