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July 23, 2017


AMRAP in 30 Minutes

100m Pinch Plate Carry 25/15lb
30 Squats with plate 25/15lb
200m Plate Carry 25/15lb
30 Squats with plate 25/15lb
400m Run NO plate
30 Squats with plate 25/15lb

Workout Notes: Slap on the sunscreen and get ready for some Sunday fun in the sun! Today’s workout is a long one! If you are worried about working out in the heat for 30 minutes feel free to cut your workout at 20 or 25 minutes! We will be holding on to a plate today for most of the workout.  You will start with a pinch plate carry.  You will pinch the plate with just your fingers and carry it by your side. You can switch hands whenever you like, but try to split the work evenly between hands.  For the squats you can hug the plate to your chest or hold it out in front of you if mobility is an issue.  Another scaling option for today’s workout would be to leave the plate out of the squats and perform air squats instead. The 200m plate carry can be carried however you would like.  After another set of 30 squats with your plate make sure to leave it behind for your 400m run.  You will finish off each round with 30 more squats with your plate before taking off on the pinch plate carry to start the next round.  If you can not run outside at all rowing can be substituted for each distance.

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