July 25, 2014


2 Rounds

1 Minute Hollow Rocks
1 Minute REST
1 Minute Superman Hold
1 Minute REST

Do your best to hold the position as long as you can throughout the minute.  If you can’t make it the entire minute that’s okay but consider adjusting your leg and arm position to scale before you break up the minute of work.  Keep your midline tight and pull one leg up to scale if you need to.


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
15 Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
10 Power Clean 135/95lbs
200M Run

Workout notes: Make sure you don’t redline early by trying to go out to fast.  Get that first round in at a steady pace with some rest inserted and try to hold it throughout the workout.  If you are new to CrossFit scale this workout by the Wall Ball weight, target height, the weight on the bar and don’t forget you can also scale the volume by going 10-15 minutes.

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