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July 8, 2015


E2MOM for 12 Minutes
2 Deadlift

Today we are working on a strong effort deadlift across 6 sets.  Spend some time working up to a deadlift that is in the 80% range and then perform 6 doubles at that same weight. The lift will increase in difficulty as you accumulate more reps so focus on posture and speed off the floor as you get fatigued.  New lifters should start light and practice maintaining a flat lower back as they pull off of the floor. If you are new to this movement start with a light effort weight and increase when you have established the mechanics of the lift.

3 Rounds for time
400M Run
30 See the Lights Sit-Ups 15/10lbs

Workout notes: Unlike yesterdays workout in which one movement particularly taxed the other, we’re working on two exercises that are difficult on their own but don’t directly fatigue each other. Focus on each movement independently and remember not use the run as recovery.  Push the pace  and move steadily through the sit-ups.  With See the Lights Sit-Ups we focus on finishing with an upright torso while keeping the feet on the ground throughout. That will make the movement very strict and eliminate any wild body rock that you might generate.

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