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June 28, 2014


200M Double Dumbbell or Kettlebell Farmer Carry 45/30lbs

then 3 Rounds of

12 Double DB or KB Push Press 45/30lbs
12 Double DB or KB Suitcase Lunges 45/30lbs
12 Double DB or KB Front Squats 45/30lbs


200M DB or KB Farmer Carry 45/30lbs


Workout notes: Use either Dumbbells or Kettlebells for the workout today.  The technique varies for each implement so spend some time figuring out which works best for you and scale the weight up or down based on your strength level.

You’ll be hanging on to your dumbbells or kettlebells for every movement so start by breaking things up early.  Even if you complete unbroken sets of 12 consider setting the objects down and planning a quick recovery before you hit failure.

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