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June 28, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[Odd] Max Effort L-Seat
[Even] Rest

Today’s skill work focuses on a single basic gymnastics and core strength position.  For the L-Seat we will be sitting on the floor with legs straight and elevated.  The most difficult standard is to hold the legs in the air for the full 60 seconds with your hands on the ground beyond your knees. Putting your hands farther in front of your body will make the movement more difficult.  For most athletes this will be EXTREMELY challenging. Do not scale up to rings or parallettes  unless you know for sure you can hold a full minute with your hands on the floor at or in front of your knees.


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
400M Run
20 One arm Kettlebell Overhead Walking lunge steps 24/16 kg
40 Double Unders

Workout notes: Today’s workout features two difficult movements and our standard 400M distance run. The “Rx” weight on the kettlebell is lighter than what we normally prescribe for a kettlebell swing and that is on purpose! We’re using one arm to hold that weight overhead and for most of us the Rx weight would be very difficult.  Be sure to “stack” your shoulder and arm in the most stable mechanical position overhead with the bulk of the kettlebell hanging back behind your wrist.  If you find that your arm is overly rotated you might have trouble keeping your elbow locked out.  If that is the case you may have gone too heavy so be conservative here and make sure you can use both arms to hold your chosen weight.  There is no set rep scheme for the lunges to break them up as needed between both arms but do distribute the work evenly across both arms.

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