June 3, 2020

At Home WOD

10 rounds: 60 seconds on/30 seconds off

10 box jumps
max alternating power cleans

Workout Notes

Ten rounds. Sixty seconds on. Thirty seconds off. Does it get any better than that? I guess we will find out. Each round is a sprint today. Bang out those ten box jumps quickly. Step ups work. Broad Jumps work. Squat jumps work. Double-unders work. Whatever you choose, shoot for thirty seconds or less. With whatever time your have left, knock out as many power cleans as you can. Make sure to drive up with your legs, open up your hips, and finish with a strong elbow(s). See if you can hang on the whole time. Your score will be total power cleans. Can you hit the same number or better each round? Tune in to Crossfit Zoom at 12pm with Coach Alex!

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