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June 8, 2015


Front Squat


Work up to a strong effort 3 rep front squat.  Start light and increase the weight for each set. The focus here should be keeping your torso upright and tracking your knees over your feet. Your elbows should be pointing outward with your chest up.  Actively push your knees out if you feel them caving in so you can reinforce good mechanics.


AMRAP in 8 Minutes
3-6-9-12-15 …
Air Squat
Power Clean 95/65lbs

Workout notes: This workout is meant to be both light and fast for both movements.  Be sure to put a lot of effort into the air squat and pay attention to the your squat depth and mechanics of your knees  and feet as you perform each rep.  Your knees should track over your feet as you move.  For a lot of people this means actively pushing the knees out as you pass below parallel.


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