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June 8, 2017


EMOM for 10 minutes
1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

Today we are working on three overhead lifts. Once you clean the bar to your shoulders you will perform one push press, then a push jerk followed by one split jerk. For all 3 lifts focus on a vertical dip and drive to send the bar overhead. Your receiving position will be different in each lift, but the mechanics should stay very similar. If you are new to either lift, use this time to dial in your technique with lighter weight.


For time
Lateral Burpee over the bar
Hang Power Clean 115/85lb

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a couplet of Burpees and Hang Power Cleans.  You will perform your burpees next to your bar and jump laterally over your bar to complete each rep.  If you can not jump for any reason a step over is a great scaling option.  If you are capable of jumping do your best to maintain the jump throughout the entire workout.  For the hang power clean we are working at the same prescribed weight as we saw for the snatches in yesterday’s workout.  Follow the same guidelines when choosing your weight and select a weight that allows you to get the first few big sets done in 3 sets or so.  You should be able to do 5-7 reps unbroken with the weight you choose when you are fresh. Remember that each rep starts from the hang including the first rep of each set.  This means that when you are starting a set of hang power cleans you will start with a deadlift with a pause at the hang position before starting your first hang power clean.

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