June 8, 2020

At Home WOD

E2MOM for 30 minutes

200m run
then in your remaining time alternate between three exercises:

[1’s]- Plank hold
[2’s]- V-ups
[3’s]- Russian twists

*There is no prescribed rest between rounds*

Workout Notes

Alright, let’s break this thing down. Essentially you have fifteen rounds of work today. Each round will be two minutes long. You will start every round with a two-hundred meter run. Upon return, you will then hit as many reps as possible of whatever ab exercise you are on. For example, start the workout with a two-hundred meter run and finish with a plank hold until two minutes is up. Then go on another two-hundred meter run. This time, come back and hammer out as many V-ups as possible in the time remaining. Go directly into another two-hundred meter run and finish with as Russian twists in the left over time. That will be the first six minutes of the workout! You should hit each exercise five times. There is no prescribed rest today, so rest as needed. Let your coach know if you have any further questions and tune into Zoom at 9am.

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