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March 13, 2018



Work up to a strong effort set of 5 deadlifts.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you go up to max effort, but work up in weight as you feel comfortable. Judge your effort by the strain it takes you to achieve each lift.  New lifters should keep the load light and work on proper body mechanics as they increase in weight.  Start with a light weight and make sure that you have established a straight back and an  appropriate setup as you address the bar.  Be sure to maintain your posture as you progress through each set and as you increase in weight.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes
10 Kettlebell Swings 32/24 kg
20 Sit-ups
30 Double Unders

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a time priority triplet with three basic movements. The  rep count for kettlebell swings is on the low side so consider this a good opportunity to try testing a heavier load if you have been considering making a bump in the kettlebell you normally use.  Try testing out a heavier weight with russian style swings to eye level and gradually increase the height as you establish control.  Double unders are a tough skill and this workout is a great time to work on them!  If you have them scale the number you perform in each round to an amount you can complete in about 30 seconds.  If they are new to you make at least one attempt in every round before switching to single unders!


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