March 24, 2023

15 minutes of squat snatch practice

Same idea as Tuesday: take your time working up to a heavy single if you’re comfortable with the movement. Otherwise, your coach will help you with drill sequences to address any weaknesses.

Workout of the Day
AMRAP in 16 minutes:
16 sit ups
8 hang power cleans

Every 8 minutes, including at the start of the workout, run 800 m (2 runs total).

You should scale the run distance to something that you can finish in under 5 minutes both times. You hang power clean weight should be light enough that unbroken or two quick sets can be sustained throughout the workout.

When you get back from the second run, pick up right where you left off on the AMRAP.

standard: 65/45
rx: 95/65
sport: 115/85

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