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May 19, 2015

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”red” custom_colour=””]Please Note: We will have limited hours during the California Regional weekend and Memorial Day Holiday. We will be closed Friday Morning, opening at 4:45 for the evening classes and closed Monday Afternoon and evening for the Memorial Day Holiday.[/creativ_alertbox]


Sumo Deadlift

Work up to a strong effort 2 rep Sumo Deadlift.  The sumo deadlift differs from our traditional deadlift in that you will utilize a wide stance and grab the bar with your hands on the inside of your legs. To setup, align your shins roughly parallel to the bar so your hips are externally rotated.  Other than the setup the rest of the deadlift is the same.  Set your back lift by extending the hips and knees. Posterior dominant lifters will most likely find the sumo deadlift favors them over the traditional deadlift. If you are not in that camp this a great lift for you to address a possible strength imbalance! Compare your numbers to your traditional deadlift on May 8 if you were able to participate that day.


AMRAP in 8 Minutes
100 Double Unders
50 Barbell Thrusters 45/35lb

Workout notes: The higher rep movements in this workout will most likely need to be broken up into smaller sets.  Drop sets do well because they lower the work requirement as you become fatigued and the movement becomes more difficult.  If you are still learning double unders scale the volume to an attainable number making sure you make a large number of attempts. If you are several minutes into the workout and struggling stick to single unders for the rest of the workout.

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