May 20, 2016

Come celebrate with Team CFD! We'll be canceling the 6:30 class on Friday and meeting at the Sudwerk Dock Store for beers! Hope to see you all there!

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Hang Squat Snatch w/ pause in the bottom of overhead squat

Our skillwork today is the squat snatch. For this variant we’ll be working from the hang and pausing in the bottom of the overhead squat. That means you will perform a snatch grip deadlift to hip height and then lower the bar down into the hang position.  As you lower the bar down into the start position practice tracing the route you expect the barbell to travel as you perform the lift.  Stop momentarily and then perform the full lift.


3 Rounds for time
30 Sit-Ups
20 Two Arm Burpee Dumbbell Deadlifts 45/30 lb
10 Two Arm Dumbell Front Rack Walking Lunge Steps 45/30 lb

Workout notes: Today we have a three round triplet that will be scored by the total time it takes to complete the workout. The burpee deadlifts and front rack lunges can be done with dumbbells or kettlebells. Make sure to try the lunges with the weight that you choose as that will be the more challenging of the two weighted movements.  Keep a steady pace on the burpee deadlifts and make sure to get your feet up close to the dumbells before performing a deadlift so that you can maintain a flat back through the lift.

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