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November 5, 2017

Workout notes:

5 Rounds for time

20 Box Jump 24/20″
30 Thrusters 45/35 lb
400M Run

Workout notes: Today’s workout is a task priority triplet.  Your score will be the total time it takes you to complete all 5 rounds.  The volume load for this workout is on the higher end so if you are new to CrossFit or this level of volume consider scaling the workout to 3 rounds.  We’re doing a total of 100 box jumps and a 150 light thrusters. Even though the benchmark load is light the large set size will add a layer of difficulty to the movements.  Use a load that you can perform all 30 repetitions in 2-3 sets.  A 15 lb barbell, light dumbbells or PVC is an option.  There is a heavy conditioning element with the box jumps and thrusters that will make pushing the pace on the run difficult.  Make an effort not to use the run as recovery and try to push the pace of each 400M lap.

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