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October 29, 2016


3 Rounds for time
1000M Run
20 Overhead Squats 115/75 lb

Workout notes:  Today’s workout is a little bit like the classic CrossFit workout “Nancy”.  In that workout we have 5 rounds of  the running and overhead squat couplet.  This 3 round version will feel a little different as we have a longer run and the suggested load on the barbell is a little heavier.  If you would normally scale a workout like Nancy which is usually performed at 95/65 lb then consider a little bit heavier load or maybe even performing the workout at 95/65.  The total time on the run is fairly long when compared to the expected time on the barbell. It’s okay to use the run as a bit of recovery after your finish round 2 and 3 but keep up a strong effort pace and work on keeping those feet moving.

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