September 10, 2014


E2MOM for 14 Minutes

3 Power Clean & Power Jerk
Work up to a moderate load and then perform 3 Clean and Jerks every 2 minutes for 14 minutes.   Target a weight that is a bit heavier than you would use during a metcon but use this as technique practice. Focus on catching the bar with your elbows up and in a partial squat.  Drive the bar up with your body and drop again into a partial squat to catch the bar.



Kettlebell Swing 32/24kg
Box Jump 24/20

Workout notes: This workout is a repeat and a great opportunity to try making a jump to a heavier kettlebell!  The first scaling option when going heavier is performing them as “russian” swings by bringing the kettlebell to eye level and then working on getting to “american” style swings over time.   Box jumps of course can be scaled by height or into step ups!

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