What You Need To Know If You Are Participating in the 2015 Open

1. It lasts 5 weeks, you will need to complete 1 workout per week over 5 weeks.  The workouts will be released on Thursday at 5pm each week (Starting Feb. 26th) and must be completed by Monday at 5pm each week.

2. You will be responsible for submitting your own score online.  Once you have submitted your score it will be validated and added to the leaderboard.  Each score will be due by 5PM ON MONDAY.  If you do not submit your score on time it will not be validated and you will not have a score for that week’s workout. There are no exceptions for this.

3. Each Saturday we will run the Open Workout at the gym starting at 11:30.  Please show up at 10:30 to start warming up as we will be going over movement standards at 11:15 and will plan to start the first heat promptly at 11:30.  Please do your best to be there each Saturday.  We will be able to schedule make up days and times as needed, but with 50+ people participating we want to get as many people as possible there on Saturday.  Not to mention it’s a ton of fun doing the workout in a big group with everyone cheering you on!

4. If you can not make the Saturday workout (out of town, work, etc.) you can complete the workout during any of our Open Gym hours.  Open WOD’s will not be allowed to be done during regular class times.  If you would like to do your workout during Open Gym it is your responsibility to have someone there to judge you.  The requirements for Open WOD’s being done during Open Gym hours will be: You and your judge are clear on ALL movement standards. Your score is recorded on a CrossFit Games score card. Your completed score card is signed by your judge.  Your completed score card is also signed by the CrossFit Davis Coach that is working during Open Gym. Your score card is turned in to the score card box at the gym.  If all of these instructions are not followed, your score will not be validated.

6.  Last but not least, HAVE FUN!! While the Open can be stressful at times and we all worry about what might be coming next, it is meant to be a time to have fun and celebrate all the work you have all done in the past year.  It is a time to challenge and surprise yourself and a time to cheer each other on and appreciate the amazing community we have here at CrossFit Davis.

We are so looking forward to another Open with you all! 2015 here we come!

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